About Austin Accent, Inc.

Our company is celebrating Almost 40 years in business!

It all began with a demand for a reliable source for hatbands back in the early 80’s. We got creative and started producing horsehair hatbands. Our owner had to learn and master the art of braiding & dying horsehair, herself – yes – “herself”. Yes – we are all WOMEN! From there – the company took off knowing that there is great demand for quality western accessories all over the World.

We have found our last couple of years to be challenging but ever so exciting. We have flourished in a time that at first we wondered if it would be possible to stay in business – who needs an accessory company when the World is turned upside down? Well – lots of companies did in order for them to survive in business, too. We made a decision to start making Western Facemasks and supplying face-coverings like bandanas in a time of need. We answered our customers’ phone calls and emails through the very long months of heartbreaking stories – but we listened, we cried a bit too, but mostly – we got busy figuring out the next step for Austin Accent. AND SO – here we are with a new catalog, we didn’t miss a beat. To our reps – thank you for hanging in there – your patience with this project has pushed us to succeed.

We are very curious what the heck the demand for horsehair and trying times have in common? But who are we to question? Thanks to ALL for your patience with our delivery schedules of horsehair products – we’re working to make it better. You will notice that not all styles of horsehair bands are in this newest book. We’ve had trim the line down to what can be produced in a reasonable amount of time. And so here we are, lots of great new and classic products being introduced in our Catalog #54. We will continue to strive to make functional, eye-catching, quality accessories for the industry.

We want to thank our loyal customers (some for more than 3 decades) all over the world for their business in the past and look forward to many more years of working with you. Much of our business has been acquired by word of mouth. We appreciate your votes of confidence in our product quality, shipping expedience and customer service. It’s our mission to deliver with a smile. Please let us know if there is ever something we can do better!

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