Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We are a store or manufacturer and we want to place an order – what do we need to provide to get started?

A: You will need to provide a resale number; a complete address and phone number and we will contact you regarding terms and payment information if you are not already established as our client. You are welcome to email, phone or fax your order directly to us. We have provided a user friendly form on our website as well as a downloadable order form which you can fax to 512-339-1803. We do accept ALL forms of written orders – post it notes, napkins, and scribble pad paper as long as we can read it and it will work with your fax machine!! We also would love to talk to you – call us any time with your questions or orders (any time actually being between 8:00 AM-5:00 PM cst. M-F)

Q: How long does it take for an order to be shipped once the order has been placed?

A: We have a vast amount of product on our shelves, but our inventory is constantly changing by the minute, as orders are pulled and shipped. With that said – we try to ship orders within 1-3 days. If specific items are ordered in large quantities – ie: a HH200-11 tassel and you need 300 pieces in white – those orders can take up to 3-6 weeks. Our commitment to you, our customer is good communication about what to expect when you place your order. If we don’t have a timeframe of shipment when the order is placed, we will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer. There is a global demand for the handmade, horsehair items that we sell. We offer a large variety of these hair, product styles and colorways from Mexico, bringing in shipments about every two weeks. Also made to order, right here in house, are the bone and leather hatbands and bracelets. Embellishments of rhinestones and conchos are added to many of our horsehair products right here in our shop, as well!

Q: Will you braid with my own horse’s hair?

A: No, we won’t and we’re sorry! We have heard some very heart wrenching stories about loved ones and we just could not promise to keep track of individual hairs throughout our process of manufacturing each product. Some items go through about 5-10 individual’s hands before completion. We would not feel comfortable shipping you something that might include somebody else’s horse’s hair!

Q: Is this genuine horsehair that you make your products with?

A: Absolutely! We know that some manufacturers blend nylon or other man made fibers in with the natural horsehair to cut costs. We not only use pure hair – we check each item before it leaves our warehouse to make sure knots are secure and tassels are evenly trimmed – it’s much like a beauty shop on a daily basis!

Q: What is the Austin Collection jewelry made of?

A: It’s made from German silver and then gold & sterling plated, sometimes ornamented with copper and other metals. We add brilliant rhinestones and soft brushes of background accent to our designs to make our quality stand out at very competitive prices.

Q: Can you drop ship or ship to me at a different address than my store or main place of business?

A: We have lots of traveling customers – so yes we can! We will only send drop shipments by UPS as their tracking service is the most efficient & reliable. Of course we’ll need a complete address and a cell phone number for UPS to find you if needed.

We do not encourage individual pieces to be shipped to your internet or retail customer by us. Sorry – we just aren’t set up for that!!! We will certainly work with you if you have an emergency!

Q: Do you work with International accounts and how do you ship?

A: You bet we do! Actually, we hear from our many existing International clients that we are one of their favorite & most reliable companies to work with due to our quick response to new orders, turn-around time and communication from start to finish, until it’s received at the final destination! Some of us speak Spanish too!

We can work with your specific broker or consolidator or we can ship by UPS or DHL freight collect, using your account number. We can also prepay & add the freight cost to your invoice, including our volume discounts offered to us by both companies. We’ll be glad to give you an approximate cost as it comes close to shipping time. We do require prepayment by credit card or by wire transfer on international orders.

Q: What are your domestic payment terms?

A: First time customers, we require prepayment by credit card or COD. Many of our clients prefer to remain on a prepay basis. We only charge your card when the order is shipped. The benefits of some of the credit cards make it worth paying as you go. BUT – if you prefer, after your account is established, we can offer Net 30 day terms for approved accounts. We accept most major credit cards.

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